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Humidity Control

Controlling the humidity of the local environment of your piano, be it the room, house or building, or in the piano itself, is crucial for it's tuning stability. If the humidity is un-controlled and is allowed to change with the weather, it is very likely you will notice that your piano does not stay in tune, and that the pitch will vary.

Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser

If you do notice that your piano does not stay in tune, the Piano Life Saver System is a solution which has offered proven results in thousands of pianos for over
60 years. In fact, the Piano Life Saver System is endorsed by piano manufacturers such as Baldwin, Kawai, Steinway, Yamaha and many others, to control piano humidity.

As a Dammp-Chaser Certified Installer, I am proud to offer sales and installation of the Piano Life Saver System to my customers, who I am confident will appreciate the improvement in tuning stability and tuning longevity. The Piano Life Saver System is economical to operate and comes with a 5-Year Guarantee from the manufacturer. Additionally, I offer free labor for any in-warranty service I perform on all systems I have installed.
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Superior Installation Practices

All Piano Life Saver System installers follow the installation procedures, requirements and specifications from the manufacturer. In addition to the requirements, my goal is to always go above and beyond that level to provide an installation that not only performs ideally, but also is neatly and securely installed to ensure low and efficient maintenance. Even though the system is virtually invisible from normal angles, I make sure the system looks as good as it works. The typical installation times required to install the system quoted by Dampp-Chaser are about 1 to 1-1/2 hours, depending on the piano type. I will spend at the extra time it takes to make sure all components, wires and connections are securely dressed for added reliability. I provide all of this at competitive rates.
For a Piano Life Saver System Installation quote or for more information, please call (847) 312-9057 or e-mail pianotuning@sbcglobal.net. Regular appointments are Monday through Friday. Weekend appointments are also available.

Musically Yours,
Gary Messling,
Piano Tuner & Technician